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Today was one of the days where I found myself reminiscing eeek! & that’s no good. Anyways, my ex FRED from a real long time ago, has been seeking my family! He Came to a family cookout last Sunday, and that went fine. But he has been calling me more often trying to get me to go visit him. & I won’t because our relationship ended really bad, him in jail with domestic charges. Which I plead the fifth on, so I saved his ass. Anyways, we had a really long talk today. About how the only person I have been faithful to is him & how he fucked up my whole mentality when it came to relationships. Because now I always strike first. So that being said he asked me to come sleep over and I said NO. Because I only realized about 1 month and a half ago how much it bothers me that I can’t be faithful, I won’t trust anyone and I push people away so I don’t get hurt. I fuck up, so I’m like oh well IDC because I already fucked up. You know? Anyways, Harold deserves all of me and a fair chance! So I hope to God he is giving me one as well. So now I am on tumblr instead of at old dudes house. Being a faithful wife like I am suppose to be, because I love Harold and I don’t ever want to put myself again in the predicament of losing him. This time he might not take me back!

Just my little vent for the evening. & me and babe had a misunderstanding, I thought he told me he would call me in the morning if he wanted visit today, & he thought he told me that he wouldn’t call if I should come to visit. So he didn’t call and I didn’t go 😁😔😭 now I don’t get to see him until Thursday waaaaah! I love my baby and miss him already!

When a patient complaining of abdominal pain tells you that their last bowel movement was a week and a half ago.



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he asked for a blowjob and i blew him away with the word of the lord


If there is ever a day where I do not reblog this assume I’m dead.

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So ladies....







I think we should do a post card/letter exchange! What do y’all think? 💌 Omg & anyone I don’t follow yet 😊 texasmoon-mama mydearest-darling doingtimeoutside beefdip vivalavengenzforever balibutterfly nolacandyheart milkshakesandsweettarts


when do ya’ll want to do it?? :)

texasmoon-mama mydearest-darling Everyone can submit till Saturday, July 26th. Remember to inbox me your email, I can’t invite you without it! Thanks!! :)

u get mines……

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I sent my email! Just waiting 😊

Setback 😔 but every end is a new beginning!


So I got administratively withdrawn from my nursing program because I missed clinical. Due to not getting the email saying we were changing the day. I do have the original schedule. So now I won’t graduate in August.

Although I have cried, and yelled and been angry. I realized there is nothing I…

vivalavengenzforever Thanks for the Info doll! & unfortunately I did try to talk to the dean and the director of nursing and they said they don’t have a policy in place and that it’s up to the discretion of the clinical instructor. So I’m screwed! But it’s okay I’m going to stay positive, I’m going to a different college and speaking to an advisor to see what they can do for me! texasmoon-mama thanks so much for the support! & I am very lucky that my husband is being so helpful! mydearest-darling Thanks for sending positive vibes my way Daisy. It has helped because before I would be so bummed. I don’t have the time to be bummed I need to continue so I’m able to live a good life with my honey! & so that I can say I did it! BTW totally irrelevant your makeup looks so natural so slowly but surely I’m going to start buying the same makeup products as you lol


why does dora’s parents allow their 6 year old daughter to run around the forest in a crop top and play with wild animals

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